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Service Manual

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  • Contains Circuit Diagrams
  • Download
  • PDF Format
  • Complete manual
  • Language: English
Price: $4.99

Description of HITACHI PJLC5 Service Manual

Complete service manual in digital format (PDF File). Service manuals usually contains circuit diagrams, printed circuit boards, repair tips, wiring diagrams, block diagrams and parts list. Service Manual ( sometimes called Repair Manual ) is used mainly by technicians.

If You just want to know how to use Your tv, video, mp3 player etc. You should look for Owner's Manual. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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 BVU800P SONY Service Manual by John Thompson;
This is a good quality scan of the Operation & Maintenance (Service) Manual for the PAL version of this high-band broadcast umatic, BVU-800P All schematics and lineup procedures appear to be included in this one manual AFAICT. The file size is just over 113 MB which gives an idea of the quality and number of pages. All of the schematics, which contain some fairly small print, are easily readable when you zoom into the page. John Thompson, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.
 CQ-984EG PANASONIC Service Manual by Adam Morawski;
Good quality, all schematics of few of models. There is also short form of user manual and regulation manual.
 DPSG7 KENWOOD Service Manual by Hanns Aschenneller;
Perfect copy of the service manual. you can enlarge every page, and it comes up with all details.
 BVW-300 SONY Service Manual by Marwey Butch;
ItΒ΄s very very nice manual with all, what i need. Original in good quality. Very fast business. Very much thanks...
 DVL-90 PIONEER Service Manual by Fernando Rongvaux;
Purchased the manual that I was looking for at a great price and could download it easily.. Great service experience and for future purchases I plan to use the site. Thank you very much

Text excerpt from page 23 (click to view)
6-7 The Lamp
glass lamp made of glass. The lamp can break with a loud bang, or burn out, if jolted or scratched, handled while hot, or worn over HIGH VOLTAGE HIGH TEMPERATURE HIGH PRESSURE time.Note that each lamp has a different lifetime, and some may burst or burn out soon after you start using them. In addition, when the bulb bursts, it is possible for shards of glass to fly into the lamp housing, and for gas containing mercury to escape from the projector’s vent holes.
• If the lamp should break (it will make a loud bang when it does), unplug the power cord from the outlet, and make sure the type of the replacement lamp. Note that shards of glass could damage the projector’s internals, or cause injury during handling. • If the lamp should break (it will make a loud bang when it does), ventilate the room well, and make sure not to breathe the gas that comes out of the projector vents, or get it in your eyes or mouth. • Opening the lamp cover while the projector is suspended from above is dangerous, since if the lamp’s bulb has broken, the shards will fall out when the cover is opened. In addition, working in high places is dangerous, even if the bulb is not broken. Please be careful. • If the indicators or a message prompts you to replace the lamp (see the section "Related Messages" and "Regarding the indicator Lamps"), replace the lamp as soon as possible. Using the lamp for long periods of time, or past the replacement date, could cause it to burst. Do not use old (used) lamps; this is a cause of breakage. • If the lamp breaks soon after the first time it is used, it is possible that there are electrical problems elsewhere besides the lamp. • Use the lamp of the specified type only. Type number: DT00581 • Handle with care: jolting or scratching could cause the lamp bulb to burst during use. • Before replacing the lamp, make sure the power switch is off and the power cable is not plugged in, then wait at least 45 minutes for the lamp to cool sufficiently. Handling the lamp while hot can cause burns, as well as damaging the lamp. • Do not use the projector with the lamp cover removed. At the lamp replacing, make sure that the screws are screwed in firmly. Loose screws could result in damage or injury. • Obey local ordinances when disposing of used lamps. In most cases, it is possible to dispose of used bulbs in the same manner as used glass bottles, but in some cases, bulbs are sorted separately.
Replacing The Lamp If the indicators or a message prompts you to replace the lamp, replace the lamp as soon as possible. Using the lamp for long periods of time, or past the replacement date, could cause it to burst. • When you replace the lamp, please replace also the air filter. The air filter may be attached to the replacement lamp. 1. Turn off the projector, and unplug the power cord. Allow the lamp bulb to cool for at least 45 minutes, and prepare a new lamp. Lamp cover 2. After making sure that the projector has cooled adequately, slowly flip over the projector, so that the bottom is facing up. Release 3. Hold the release button while sliding and taking the lamp cover up. button 4. Unscrew the 2 screws, and slowly pick up the lamp by the handles. 5. Insert the new lamp, and tighten the 2 screws firmly to lock it in place. 6. Slide the lamp cover into place until it locks into position. Handles 7. Slowly turn the projector so that the top is facing up. 8. Turn on the projector, and reset the lamp timer. When the lamp has been replaced after the message of "THE POWER WILL TURN OFF AFTER 0hr." is displayed, Screws complete the following operation within 10 minutes of switching power on. (1) While the projector running, press the MENU button to open the menu. (2) Choose the "OPTION" on the menu using the / button, then press the button or ENTER button (3) Choose the "LAMP TIME" using the / button, then press and hold the button of projector or the

WARNING The projector uses a high-pressure mercury

CAUTION • Do not reset the lamp timer without replacing the lamp.

RESET button of remote control for 3 seconds. (4) Choose the "RESET" using the button.

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